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Upload large files up to 25 GB to a secure cloud and send them to customers, colleagues and friends.

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Sometimes you just want to send a photo collection, a few videos or other large files to a far away colleague or friend but quickly find that there's no way the e-mail attachment will suffice. Here comes into play:

Secure transfer

All connections are secured via SSL and your files are safely stored on AES-256 encrypted Amazon S3 servers in Europe.

Chunked Uploads

Even if your internet connection stops for some reason your uploads won't be canceled. As soon as the internet is available again they'll simply continue where they stopped.

No speed-limits

Sharing large files can never be fast enough; Therefore, you can upload and download with the full power of your internet connection.

Premium service – economic pricing

In place of annual prepayments and contracts we rely on a transparent and cost-saving price system: charge your balance with 5, 10 or 25 € and only pay for what you actually use.

With a single charge of 5€ you can for instance send up to 25GB of data (i.e. 5 full movie DVDs). By the way: You can calculate your own prices with the price calculator


Sometimes a file transfer just can't be secure enough. That's when you can use password-protection and geolocation based location restrictions (meaning: the receiver must be in the specified zip area to be able to download the files) to ensure that your sensitive files are only seen by the desired recipients.

Additionally, we examine all uploaded files with more than 44 virus scanners for malware, so you can be sure that you download safely.

PGP/GPG encryption included!

Strong communication

Automated emails inform your recipients on the availability of your download and you will receive an email once your data has been downloaded.

Everything works without intrusive advertisements; Thus, noise-free and professional communication — which are extremely important especially in business-related transactions — is always guaranteed.

And not only that — You even have the ability to upload your own logo, which is shown to the recipient in the e-mail and on the download page.

Leave your recipient a voice message
instead of a classical text message. (Only Chrome & Firefox)

Send internationally

File transfers often have to go abroad; For this to work perfectly, we have included a number of useful features.

Set the language of your receiver before sending so that system e-mails and the download page will be displayed in the appropriate language.

You can also enter a custom send date; Differences in the time zone are of course taken into account automatically.

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You can try all functionality without having to sign up. Once you want to upload and send your files, you will have the opportunity to charge your credit with one of our many payment providers.


Depending on where you live there are various payment methods available:

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for companies

Do you want to use in your company? Then, our Flat rate packages geared to teams are the ideal solution.